About the Andrew Gulch Memorial Outing

The Andrew Gulch Memorial Golf Outing to Benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is a tribute to our angel, Andrew. On December 31, 2001, Andrew was born and struggled to live…25 days later he passed away from unknown causes. Several years later, Andrew’s mother and older brother Nicholas were diagnosed with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy (MMD). Feeling an immediate need to do something, the Golf Outing was designed with two goals: 1) to raise money to find a cure for Muscular Dystrophy and 2) to allow Andrew’s name to live on and be celebrated throughout the year!

The first goal has been accomplished by raising funds to benefit MDA and all of the work they do to lift up families in NW Ohio and SE Michigan. The MDA-Detroit Office, provides the MDA Clinic at the Toledo Hospital that provides doctors, therapists, and other specialized health care services to hundreds of families that are affected by the 43 diseases identified as muscular dystrophies (including ALS). In addition, MDA provides summer camps for Kids affected by muscle disease. These camps provide a fun and accessible setting where kids, many of whom are in wheelchairs, can experience what other kids take for granted, such as being free to swim or ride on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. MDA also funds research and clinical trials that provide a glimmer of hope to families that know the potential outcome of these horrible muscle diseases. The Gulch family, as well as many other Toledo-area families, have participated in many of these studies and hope, that with continued donations, a cure will someday be possible.

The second goal is realized by articles in the Toledo Blade, interviews on local TV/radio stations (thanks to Fred LeFebvre, Anthony Bellino; Jordan Strack, and others) and this website. Seeing Andrew’s name in black and white or hearing his name on the radio brings joy to our hearts. This happens year round when we see volunteer t-shirts, a new “Like” on the Golf Outing Facebook site, or hearing his name on the radio. These almost daily reminders provide inspiration to continue fundraising and reinforce how fortunate we are to be able to memorialize his name and legacy. We are also fortunate to have great support from family, friends and Sponsors (including, but not limited to: Great Lakes Electrical Contracting, Adrian Fraternal Order of Police, C&W Tank Cleaning, Fox Sports Morning Blitz on AM1230, Nationwide/Glucke Insurance & Brondes Ford-Maumee, Pizza Papalis, the University of Toledo Hockey Team, Toledo Walleye, Toledo Fire Charities-Local 92, etc.). Since the first Golf Outing in 2011, we have assisted MDA by raising over $125,000 via the MDA Shamrock Program, MDA Memorial Day Car Show, MDA Muscle Walk, and the Toledo Walleye Charity Jersey Raffle.

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